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Ideal for schools, factories, industrial blocks, 
large yards and more
Available in varying heights...    No job too large.


cyclone fencing & chain mesh wire fencing
 chain mesh cyclone & wire fencing
cyclone & chain mesh wire fencing by Lockfast Fencing
cyclone & chain mesh wire fencing





We Can install chainmesh fencing to your requirements, ranging from waist hight (1.2)metres high suitable schools or large residential blocks - great to keep dogs or kids in,  or high enough to suit factoty yards, sporting or industrial areas, and right up to 3.6 mt high for tennis courts and similar. 

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Lockfast Fencing provides quality chainwire fencing & cyclone fencing as an economical long lasting and secure fencing solution for your property. You can choose between a Galvanised finish or PVC coated finish (Black or Green). Cyclone fences or chain mesh wire fencing can be used for Boundary fencing, Security Fencing, Internal Factory partitions, Cages and lots more. Industrial cyclone fences can be installed fast & are cost effective adding to the security of any property.

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Great for school fencing, industrial & property!